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Business Document Generation

Qint offers powerful technologies that help to streamline and automate the generation, maintenance, and distribution of your vital business documents. With Qint solutions, you can rapidly incorporate real-time data from across your enterprise into your invoices, bill of materials, statements, contracts, reports , and more. So, you can ensure precision and consistency in all your enterprise documents, while significantly reducing the time and cost associated with producing, editing, printing, and sending them.

Real-Time Database Access

Our software enables you to create a single, professionally-styled template for each document type, complete with formulas, charts, and graphs, as well as design and branding elements such as logos, graphics, and custom colors. Real-time data from a variety of sources � including databases, object-oriented data, live applications, and other systems � can then be rapidly gathered and automatically inserted into the template, preventing errors and eliminating the need to re-code the document each time a new information source is required. Additionally, documents can be quickly printed in batches , or distributed as PDF files via the Internet or email.

Reducing Costs

With Qint, you have all the features and capabilities you need to improve the style, quality, and accuracy of your most critical business documents, while dramatically increasing the speed of generation and distribution, and minimizing the burden on your development staff.

And, because all documents are assembled within the Qint software, negative impact on the performance of your operational systems is minimized.

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