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Embeddable Reporting Solutions for Java

In order to maximize the value of your business applications, you must be able to retrieve the timely and relevant information they contain, and make it readily available to decision-makers throughout your organization. ReportWeaver allows you to easily add robust, fully-integrated reporting and business document generation capabilities to your Java Enterprise (J2EE/JEE) applications. So, you can quickly extend your existing business systems with comprehensive self-service reporting and document generation, operational reporting, financial reporting, and more.

With ReportWeaver, you can easily transform your raw Java data objects data into the critical insight your organization needs to succeed.

Full Java Object Support

ReportWeaver provides direct, real-time access to data in any enterprise source. Its comprehensive and intuitive data views, combined with its unique native support of object-oriented models, dramatically reduces data complexity. So you can efficiently and effectively create reports and business documents from even the most intricate data structures.

Java Server Integration Made Simple

Additionally, ReportWeaver's service oriented architecture is designed to fit seamlessly within your existing Java (J2EE/JEE) infrastructure. Because it is built on a component-based framework controlled by several Soap and Java APIs, it can be quickly and easily integrated into virtually any environment. As a result, you can fully leverage your existing technology investments and reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Smart layout technology, with dynamic editing, that automatically sets and adjusts column length, row width, and other properties as fields are inserted into a report, or as data values change.
  • Fully-customizable reports and documents, so information can be provided in the most usable format.
  • Support for a variety of front-end interfaces, to address the needs of the broadest range of users and user types.
  • Multiple delivery options, to distribute reports and documents to users when and how they need them.
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