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Enterprise Reporting

Extend the power of your business applications with Qint Software. Qint solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate robust, sophisticated reporting functionality into your existing systems - so you can rapidly and effectively aggregate your application data, and transform it into focused, easy-to-interpret, professionally-formatted reports and business documents.

Enterprise Information Integration

Qint's tools provide direct, real-time access to information across your enterprise - including data that resides in object-oriented business models. So, each and every report you generate will deliver information that is timely, complete, and accurate.

Qint solutions provide:

  • Full support for object-oriented data. Unlike other solutions that have difficulty accessing data within object-oriented models, Our tools leverage the intelligent business object layer, allowing it to rapidly generate reports from even the most complex data structures.
  • Dynamic report layout and design. Our tools make it easy to create boardroom-quality, professionally-styled reports and business documents. Row widths, column lengths, and other properties are automatically set and adjusted as you insert fields into the report, so there's no need to waste time re-sizing to make the data fit. And, it provides simple, yet flexible design options. Choose from a variety of pre-design style sheets, or add design elements such as charts, graphs, and images to create a unique look and feel.
  • Optimized security. With our tools, you have complete control over data access and security, so you can keep confidential information protected at all times. Administrators can assign different access privileges to different users, based on their role. Each time a user logs into ReportWeaver, the software automatically invokes the privileges assigned to their role, so the user sees only the data they are authorized to view.
  • Real-time information access. our tools utilize powerful APIs to retrieve information directly from its source, including data in live applications.
  • User-friendly interface. The WYSIWYG interface simplifies and accelerates the creation of complex reports, so you can produce them faster and more cost-effectively.
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