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ReportWeaver for Object Databases

ReportWeaver is the leading platform for reporting in object-oriented environments, and is unmatched in its ability to provide direct, native access to object databases. ReportWeaver is fully compatible with virtually any object database, and provides complete support for all object-oriented features. This helps make report and document generation more efficient and more accurate – ensuring that your enterprise content is effectively transformed into professionally-styled output, without any formatting errors or loss of data.

With ReportWeaver, you can:

  • Visually define and execute queries
  • Select objects, members, and links to be presented within paper reports, documents, and spreadsheets, as well as reports presented on a screen or a Web page
  • Utilize cascading style sheets that offer a wide range of layout options including font colors and sizes, borders, and more
  • Query your databases using the Object Query Language (OQL) or the native query language of the database, enabling maximum performance through server-side execution

ReportWeaver even allows calling of native methods, re-linking itself with dynamic libraries that contain object methods in the database. This dramatically simplifies the integration of computed values within a report or document. As a result, ReportWeaver can be used to support user-defined or extended object database collections. ReportWeaver can even support custom database object-collections that have been implemented by your developers.

And, unlike other reporting solutions that are limited by their inability to handle inheritance, ReportWeaver uses the actual object types, allowing it to deal with inheritance rapidly and easily.

ReportWeaver runs on any Java-enabled platform, and can query both C++ and Java databases. ReportWeaver completely supports all object databases with their specific link and collection types like lists, dictionaries, and references. It also provides direct support for pre-defined data types such as Date. ReportWeaver for Java natively supports all collection methods, such as ODMG collections, as well as database-specific types such as VArrays and more.

ReportWeaver natively supports the following databases: Versant, Intersystems Caché, ObjectStore, Fastobjects and Objectivity. Through its Java persistence binding ReportWeaver supports other object databases like Gemstone or DB4O.

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