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Qint Software designs and develops some of today's most powerful and feature-rich products for enterprise reporting and business document generation. We provide unmatched data access capabilities, allowing you to easily and efficiently report from systems, applications, and databases across your organization, including data contained in complex object-oriented structures.

Technologies that ReportWeaver/JPublisher Integrate With:
bullet Java/J2EE Application Servers Easy integration in JBoss, BEA-Weblogic, IBM-Websphere, SAP-NetWeaver, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Server Faces (JSF), Tomcat/Servlets.
bullet Relational Databases: Oracle, SQL-Server, My-SQL, DB2, MaxDB, Sybase, Microsoft Access.
bullet Object Databases Special suppport for Intersystems Caché, Versant, Objectivity, ObjectStore, FastObjects.
bullet Object-
Relational Mapping
Leverages persistence tools like Hibernate, Java data Objects (JDO), Top-Link, EJB 3.0.
bullet Input Sources XML, (Enterprise) Java Beans, POJO Access, Ascii, Memory.
bullet Output Formats Generate: Adobe PDF, XML, Printers, MS-Office (RTF for Word, CSV for Excel).

Additionally, our products can be seamlessly integrated into your business applications. So, your users can leverage robust, easy-to-use reporting and document creation functionality, directly from the business systems they already work with.

Our suite of products includes:

  • ReportWeaver a state-of-the-art enterprise reporting solution that provides simple access to any database, or direct access to complex object-oriented models when needed. So you can generate accurate, fully-styled reports in real-time.
  • JPublisher a robust tool that enhances Java applications with fully-embedded business document generation capabilities. JPublisher offers a powerful PDF engine with an intuitive graphical design component (GUI).

Deployment Options

Qint products also offer flexible, convenient deployment options, and can be implemented in either desktop or server environments.

Data Connectivity

And, all Qint products include connectors that make it easy to access any type of data, in any source.

  • Relational Database Connector provides direct connectivity to Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, and other commonly-used RDBMS systems.
  • Java Object Connector directly accesses the interfaces of the business objects that form the foundation for application logic, so data can be efficiently retrieved in real-time while re-using existing method implementations, security functions, and access optimizations.
  • XML Connector facilitates the rapid business document generation and reporting from simple and multi-dimensional XML content.
  • Object Database Connector allows for direct, native access to object databases, with complete support for all object-oriented features.
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