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Relational Database Connector

Today most data is stored in relational databases. But complex relational databases are difficult to hande for end users, because real world data is nore like object data. Therefore ReportWeaver presents relational data in a multi-dimensional business model. This makes reporting for end users much easier. Using this unique structure, Qint software solutions can generate robust, richly-formatted, easy-to-use reports and business documents from the data contained in RDBMS systems, just as accurately and efficiently as from other information sources.

Our Relational Database Connector provides direct connectivity to Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, and other commonly-used RDBMS systems. As a result, you can rapidly access and retrieve vital business information from any relational database in your enterprise.

The Relational Database Connector enables real-time capture and delivery of relational data, while shielding users from the complexity of the underlying data structure by incorporating a metadata layer that provides database information – such as table relationships – in simple, easy-to-understand business terms. Queries defined within ReportWeaver are received by the Relational Database Connector, then translated and sent on to database. The needed information is then extracted and collected, then passed back to ReportWeaver to be dynamically transformed into comprehensive, fully-customized reports and business document.

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