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Qint solutions make deployment fast, easy, and convenient. Our software is designed to plug seamlessly into your existing technology infrastructure and adapt to the way you do business – while ensuring optimum reliability, security, and performance.

The ReportWeaver enterprise reporting package enables rapid and efficient server-side deployment. This approach is ideal for larger organizations who want to extend the power of their server-side business applications and make robust reporting and document generation functionality available to users across multiple departments and business units, without devoting IT resources to installing, configuring, and maintaining software on each individual desktop.

ReportWeaver can be quickly implemented as a fully-centralized Web-Service within a service-oriented architecture , inside a J2EE server , or on a stand-alone server. As a result, you can empower your users to generate richly-formatted real-time reports and business documents directly from your server-based systems, while minimizing administrative impact, reducing IT costs, and accelerating deployment.

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