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Solutions for Reporting and PDF Generation

Most organizations today have made significant investments in their business applications. But, they are challenged to maximize the value these systems can provide. While many have achieved some moderate productivity and cost benefits, they have not yet realized the true potential of these applications, because they are unable to leverage the timely, actionable insight hidden within the raw data they contain.

Qint Software has developed a suite of products designed to help organizations make the most of their existing applications. With our solutions, you can enhance your transaction systems, ERP modules, databases, and other technology assets with robust, tightly-integrated reporting functionality that can be accessed directly from the application itself.

ReportWeaver provides a single, powerful tool for creating operational reports, as well as precision-formatted documents, from any system within your organization. Because it communicates with application programming interfaces and objects, as well as databases, it delivers the most accurate, timely, universal view of enterprise-wide information possible. And, most importantly, it can easily access non-relational, object-oriented data models, so it can rapidly produce reports and documents from even the most complex information sources.

Our suite of solutions includes:

  • Enterprise reporting for fast and easy creation of operational reports, analytical charts in a web-server or desktop environment.

  • Business document generation to help you streamline and automate the creation and distribution of your most vital business forms and documents like invoices, statements, bill of materials.

  • Java embedded reporting for adding document delivery, as well as self-service, financial, and other reporting capabilities to Java-enabled applications.

  • Java PDF generation for transforming enterprise information into richly-formatted Adobe PDF output.

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