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Qint support services offer a variety of alternatives to give you the level of comfort required for your enterprise deployments.

Several levels of support for both tools ReportWeaver and JPublisher enable you to choose the package of service you require. The advanced levels are specifically designed to support large organisations with mission critical projects

There are three levels of support/maintenance available: Standard Services Level, Enterprise Services Level and High Priority Level.

Standard Services Level

  • The standard services level is the base offering from Qint Software. The support information path is via email. The questions will typically be answered within less than 48 hours. (2 business days)).
  • The standard level provide access to new releases on Qint Software reporting tools as well as remote access to upgrade assistance. Troubleshooting assistance is provided for the most recent major release of Qint Software reporting tools plus one major release prior.

Enterprise Services Level

  • In addition to standard services level customers receive access to telephone support. Direct contact with support engineers is provided to give you the most knowledgeable persons. The typical response will be in less than 2 hours during a business day.
  • Intermediate maintenance releases will be made available.

High Priority Level

  • This support level provides an additional level of service for those customers with critical applications including updates, hotline and immediate bugfixes.
  • Bugs will be fixed immediately. Expected response time from a qualified techical support engineer to begin working on an issue is under 60 minutes during normal working hours. Severe errors will be fixed through continuous effort until corrected.
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