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Qint Software partners with the leading object database vendors.

cach´┐Ż logo ReportWeaver supports the Caché database from Intersystems. All object oriented features are directly supported. The ReportWeaver platform also integrates Intersystems' EAI product Ensemble.
Link to Versant ReportWeaver supports the Versant Object Database. Versant offers object-oriented products to accelerate time-to-market, simplify development and enhance performance for highly distributed, complex applications.
objectivity logo . ReportWeaver supports the Database Objectivity Objectivity is the leading provider of higher performance database engines for sophisticated applications in a real time world. Objectivity helps organizations gain competitive adantage by offering reliable, real-time performance for complex systems.
Link to Object Store Alliance

ReportWeaver supports the ObjectStore database from Progress ObjectStore is the data management performance solution of choice for companies putting their businesses and their reputations on the line.
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