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Qint Software takes a hands-on approach to training and education, so we can help your organization optimize performance, leverage existing systems, and begin seeing results immediately . With our comprehensive training services, your staff will learn in a focused and highly-interactive environment, so they can quickly acquire the know-how required to most effectively utilize your new reporting environment, and rapidly create the kind of complex, sophisticated reports and business documents you need.

Our knowledgeable trainers provide fully-customized sessions that are tailored around the issues that are most important to you, and cover topics specific to your unique reporting needs . These two- and three-day sessions will provide your staff with a detailed overview of the solution’s capabilities, as well as an in-depth look at system administration and other important functions. Additionally, each training class includes a task-based workshop, where attendees create new reports and documents using examples directly from your own database .

Our training can be conducted in the method most convenient for you and your staff. We offer courses on-site, or via the Web.

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