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XML Connector

XML dramatically increases the efficiency of content creation, maintenance, and publishing. This emerging technology is quickly becoming the standard among organizations in all industries for the generation, distribution, and management of reports and other critical business documents. With XML, businesses can improve the collaboration and sharing of their most critical information.

The Qint XML Connector empowers you to broaden the reach of your enterprise reporting solution by facilitating rapid access to and exchange of XML and other content. Our XML Connector provides deep, native support for any XML source and other applications and systems within your organization. So, you can dynamically gather any enterprise information, regardless of its source or location, and easily convert it into thorough, accurate, fully-customized reports and business documents.

The XML Connector accesses the data in your applications, databases, and other systems through XML files. It then allows the ReportWeaver reporting engine to parse that data, and manipulate and transform it into professionally-formatted, easy-to-use reports and documents using industry-standard SOAP. As a result, you can easily report from a more diverse and disparate set of information systems, making your reporting environment more comprehensive and more flexible than ever before.

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