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Generating PDF from Java made easy.

JPublisher is a powerful solution that provides a fast and economical way to enhance Java applications with fully-embedded business document generation capabilities. JPublisher instantly transforms real-time enterprise data directly from your Java applications into richly-formatted PDF files. So you can create professional-quality invoices, statements, datasheets, checks, and other business documents – complete with accurate and timely information from your enterprise systems – more easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively than ever before.

JPublisher combines a robust, high-speed PDF generator, with interactive design capabilities, and an intuitive user-friendly interface. Additionally, it provides bindings for Java objects and databases. So, you can quickly collect content from any application or system within your organization – including complex, object-oriented databases – and assemble it into comprehensive, fully-styled Adobe PDF output.

The JPublisher feature set includes:

  • A visual designer that gives you complete control over the look and feel of each document. Choose from pre-designed style sheets, or create a unique design by adding graphics and images, re-positioning text, and more. The JPublisher designer can be conveniently integrated directly into your Java application.
  • Database bindings that dynamically gather information from your Java objects and databases, and incorporate it into your documents.
  • A “smart” layout engine that automatically flows content onto pages and intelligently adjusting margins, column lengths, row widths, and other properties as data fields are added.
  • Advanced document features such as tables, conditional paragraphs, page/running totals, and more.
  • A document preview function that allows you to review and revise documents before publishing them.

JPublisher is optimized for rapid and efficient integration with Swing or J2EE applications. It allows for single-click deployment within Java Enterprise Servers as a .jar or .war file. Or, it can run as a Web service, so it can be easily incorporated into service-oriented architectures.

And, because JPublisher shares a core layout engine, design environment, and data connectors with ReportWeaver, you can easily upgrade your PDF document generation solution to leverage powerful enterprise reporting and information integration capabilities. So, you can enhance your PDF files with charts, graphs, groupings, cross-tabs , and other features.

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