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Java PDF Generation

Enhancing your existing applications is about more than just generating reports. It's about providing thorough, relevant, and accurate information that can be easily distributed to and used by key decision-makers across your organization. PDF is one of today's most widely-used mechanisms for cross-platform information delivery making it the most convenient way to share your most critical business documents.

JPublisher's powerful, high-speed PDF generation capabilities can help you transform your real-time business data into professional-quality electronic files. JPublisher dynamically converts XML and database content into richly-formatted Adobe PDF output. As a result, you can rapidly and effectively generate and maintain powerful PDF reports and documents from any application or system within your enterprise, including complex, object-oriented databases.

JPublisher offers significant productivity benefits. It dramatically reduces the time and effort required to produce PDF reports by allowing users to create a collection of PDF templates.� Your developers can choose from a variety of pre-designed style sheets, or manipulate graphics, text positioning, and other design features to create layouts branded with your organization�s own unique look and feel. Real-time information from virtually any data source even data that resides in highly-complex structures is then captured, assembled, and rapidly populated into the templates via a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop-style interface.

With JPublisher, you can also easily enhance your reports and documents with tables, conditional paragraphs, page/running totals and more. Its unique interactive layout functionality automatically adjusts properties such as margins, column length, and row width as new data fields are added, or as existing data values change.

And, JPublisher can be used with ReportWeaver, to incorporate powerful reporting functionality such as graphs, charts, groupings and crosstabs into your PDF documents.

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