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ReportWeaver is a state-of-the-art enterprise reporting solution that provides direct access to any data source, including complex object-oriented models, so you can generate accurate, fully-styled reports and documents in real-time. With ReportWeaver, you can extend your existing applications with robust, fully-embedded enterprise reporting capabilities.

ReportWeaver is 100% object-oriented, and provides you with maximum reporting productivity, power, and flexibility.

ReportWeaver offers:

  • An object-oriented metadata model. ReportWeaver concentrates SQL data access in a layer maintained by IT staff or other power users. It presents the data in the language of business users, while allowing IT resources to be optimized independently.
  • Intelligent data navigation. ReportWeaver gives users fast and simple access to more comprehensive data by enabling navigation via references and the processing of collections.
  • Seamless integration. ReportWeaver is designed to run inside your environment, and can connect directly to an application’s initialization, error handling, and logging procedures.
  • A reporting API. The ReportWeaver API can be assigned to buttons and menus, to allow users to run report definitions through the application functions, or used via a scheduler, to trigger report generation and distribution at specific times.
  • Flexible deployment options, and can be implemented in either desktop or server environments.

ReportWeaver requires no SQL knowledge for design, because it maintains an user access layer where queries are kept and can be optimized. Additionally, it’s broad features set includes:

  • Fast report assembly through drag-and-drop of required attributes from a member list
  • The ability to enhance reports with charts, custom and nested tables, and cross-tabs
  • Rapid generation of interactive queries, with drill-down to detail data
  • The ability to send output to spreadsheets, word processors, email, or printers
  • Powerful aggregation functions such as sum, average, min, max, and count
  • Intelligent form layout that adjusts column widths, row lengths, and other properties when data values change
  • Comprehensive displays for deeply-nested structures
  • Dynamic grouping and summarizing of rows
  • View-based data transformation and consolidation
  • Parameterized reporting capabilities that allow users to define a query once, and run it in numerous variations
  • Multiple output options, including ASCII, tabular, HTML, or XML format
  • Flexible desktop or server-side deployment

ReportWeaver also provides a robust and intuitive design environment . Its user-friendly WYSIWYG interface makes report building faster and easier than ever before. These designs can then be deployed easily in different server environments due to our service oriented architecture (SOA).

ReportWeaver can be used with any of the data connectors be it relational , Java objects, object oriented databases or XML.

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